The sustainability of all resources is at the forefront of all practices at STI. From our trucks to our warehouses and offices, we put great emphasis on being efficient along with being environmentally conscious. For example, many businesses neglect to monitor their paper consumption. STI employees use scrap paper for in-office binders to avoid unnecessary waste. Down to our energy saver light bulbs, we try to do the little things that make the big differences.

Beyond the conscious effort in our facilities, we always keep our eyes on the lookout for new ideas to conserve in the services we offer. By utilizing high quality, re-usable packing materials, we can ship things in the safest way possible without wasting disposable foam, wrap, and plastic. Our trucks have customizable racks to further prevent the use of unnecessary packing materials.

From re-using materials to finding the most efficient routes, we are committed to changing our industry and any wrong perceptions of it. Our methods can be easily modeled in other businesses within our field as well as nonrelated companies. We want to set an example for others, to truly reduce our carbon footprint.

To find out more about how STI strives to be a leader in sustainability, look at our Green Packing page.