Vision & Values


To be the provider of choice for specialized supply chain solutions to customers with high touch products.

Our Values

STI’s Values and Business Goals are designed to help us achieve our Vision.

Commitment to Safety
  • Commitment to Safety
  • Integrity delivered through Service
  • Responsibility to the Environment
  • Customer Focus
  • Loyalty to our Stakeholders
  • Excellence in Quality

Commitment to Safety

At STI our primary objective is a focus on safety.  This extends to every aspect of our business from the care of customers' products, to safe operations by our drivers and a secure environment for our clients, employees and general public.  Our industry leading record for DOT preventable accidents and our DOT "Pass Status" reflect this commitment.

Integrity Delivered through Service

We take pride in the value added services that we provide to our customers.  We utilize our disciplined processes influenced by Six Sigma to focus on continuous improvements in every aspect of the services we deliver.

Responsibility to the Environment

STI is focused on reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our natural resources by eliminating waste.  We partner with our customers to help them meet their sustainability goals by providing solutions using the most efficient equipment and the least amount of packaging possible.  This focus begins with the equipment we purchase down to the recycled paper we use in the office.  Our "Smart Way" certification is one reflection of our commitment.

Customer Focus

We strive to be a valued business partner to our customers.  Our goal is to understand all aspects of our customers' supply chains and to develop innovative, industry-leading solutions that provide the best overall value.  Our focus on operational efficiency and our industry leading claims prevention  process support these objectives.

Loyalty to our Stakeholders

STI is committed to treating our stakeholders (agents, drivers and employees) with respect and integrity at all times.  We strive to attract and retain the best highly experienced people who share our values.  As a result, we are able to provide a superior service experience for our customers.

Excellence in All We Do

Our definition of "excellence" is the delivery of consistent service experiences for our customers.  To achieve this goal, we measure key metrics for all aspects of our business with a focus on continuous improvement.