Consumer Products

The transportation needs of the consumer products industry vary widely from product to product, but STI provides Consumer Product Deliveryservices to satisfy even the most unique requirements. The core of our service to the consumer products industry is our residential delivery, which can take many shapes depending on the seller and the products we work with. At a glimpse, our flexible resources and experienced fleet of operators handle in-home pick-up and delivery of retail products, catalog orders, and Internet purchases.

Our focus in consumer products is always to foster an experience that represents the quality that your customers expect. From polished staging to in-room installation, we offer valuable capabilities beyond simply dropping off product. Whether your products are household appliances, furniture or a fireproof safe delivered to the second floor, STI’s expertise of delivery and installation is proven day after day.

To find out more about STI’s solutions for the consumer products industry, visit our Residential Delivery page, and find out how we provide specialized transportation services that make a difference to both sellers and consumers.