Recreation and Entertainment Equipment

At STI, we take shipping very seriously, but not everything we ship is strictly meant for serious business. We also serve Entertainment Logisticsbuyers and sellers of recreational and entertainment equipment. This industry includes everything from shipments of casino games to old-fashioned jukeboxes and classic pinball machines. Of course, we still bring the same level of care and serious attention to transporting and handling these machines.

The flexibility of STI’s resources makes them suited for entertainment as well as any other industry. We utilize adaptable staging equipment to ensure secure packing and damage free transport. As with any other specialized cargo, we match operators with knowledge and experience to the task they perform.

While many items, such as vending machines or arcade games, may be large, they are also comprised of delicate components and technology. With that in mind, we craft standard operating procedures to fit every shipment.

Whether you need a pinball machine for your game room or a whole truckload of claw machines sent to your arcade, you can trust STI to bring a serious level of service to delivering recreation.