Transporting and handling leased equipment can involve complicated logistics. When leased equipment is returned quickly and without damage, you and your customers can concentrate on your core business.  Ensuring quality handling, Leasing Equipment Managementtracking, and professional treatment can be equally difficult. The shipping company you choose to work with is a direct reflection of your business. That’s why STI is prepared to handle any volume or quantity of leased equipment, from copiers and printers to even larger and more cumbersome items. Our operators approach leasing equipment delivery and retrieval with the same level of expertise, customer service, and professional interaction that STI’s reputation is built on.

Timely communication between the customer and leasing company is crucial, and there is no worry that things will get lost in translation when working with STI. Our online visibility and daily reports ease relations with customers as well as makes operations as simple as possible on the leasing end.

STI recognizes that not all equipment may be shipped to or from a large facility, so we have various sizes of tools and lift gate service to accommodate your customers at their various locations. STI also has the technology to track online your individual goods as they are in transit. That same technology and visibility is available if you choose to take advantage of our storage solutions. At any time, our system can identify the exact location of one item or a whole shipment and make this information available to you online.

Contact STI when you need a solution that fits your equipment and the needs of those you lease to. No matter what the requirements may be, we can handle it.