Health Care

Medical equipment is becoming less bulky as technology advances, but it is also becoming more sophisticated and diverse. The number of various technologies and devices in the health care field is growing, as is their presence in an increasing number of facilities. STI has the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle any number of requirements in this industry. We have worked with everything from dental chairs to MRI’s, laboratory equipment, equipment stations, incubators, hospital beds, and much more.

We employ experienced personnel that are familiar with the industry. Not only are our operator teams appointed based on knowledge of your shipment, but we are willing to craft new operating procedures based on your individual needs and the needs of the freight. We want to put you at ease with our careful attention to detail and customer service.

STI customizes every aspect of the shipping process to ensure that your shipment arrives when and where you need it in perfect condition. Our blanket wrapped freight services are ideal for moving medical equipment that would otherwise be very hard to crate, but require a higher level of protection and services. Contact us to find out more about how our health care transportation solutions can serve you.

STI recognizes that the ever-increasing sophistication in the health care field creates a greater chance for error in the loading, transportation, and handling of specialized equipment. We use this as an opportunity to utilize our flexible resources and experienced fleet to meet and exceed requirements. STI is unique in that our trucks have been specially designed so that cargo can be secured the way it needs to be rather than what is most convenient. Our operators are trained and know the optimal way to secure and safely transport delicate equipment.