Risking damage or theft to computer hardware, servers, and other high-tech equipment is not an option. When it comes to transporting technology, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. It must be handled with special care, with attention to location, size, and meet tight delivery windows. STI understands what must be considered and knows High-Tech Solutionshow to properly handle technology and transport it safely. Whether you need to move a data storage unit, a complete data center, or relocate high-tech electronics and equipment for an entire company, we can create a solution to suit your needs.

Logistical challenges in the high-tech transportation industry are no problem for our teams. We see them as an opportunity to display our flexibility. If a building presents accessibility issues, we simply choose from our wide range of vehicles and equipment to ensure that your technology is loaded, transported, and delivered exactly as you need it. Our operators for high-tech shipments are chosen based on training and expertise so that your cargo is in knowing hands throughout transit and into storage or the next point of installation.

STI’s flexibility and custom approach to each high-tech project is also cost effective. We will work with you to come up with the best solution for each individual shipment so that it gets to you exactly when and where you need it and with the greatest value for your money. Downtime is costly, so we can work around your schedule and those of additional resources if necessary.

Our low claim rates speak for the care we give to each shipment. There is no need to trust your technology to another shipping company that might handle or ship your items improperly. Contact us to arrange a custom solution for your technology and high-tech shipping needs.