Industrial Machinery and Robotics

As refined as industrial machinery and robotics are in today’s market, they can still pose serious logistical issues in terms of transportation and installation. The sheer size and complexity of some machinery make finding resources difficult. ToIndustry Machinery Solutions compound the issue, proper handling for such valuable and sophisticated machines is not easy to find. This is one area where STI’s depth of resource and experience brings great value both to the manufacturers of such machinery and the end users.

Many industrial machines do not fit the description of common freight and require the need of blanket wrap services. They perform specific tasks that make for unusual and equally specific handling requirements. Because STI is asset-based, our resources can be adapted to accommodate even the largest or most unusual items. Rather than attempting to secure a complex machine in our existing trucks as they are configured currently, we are willing to create a custom solution that guarantees safe, damage-free transit. This may include building an entirely new structure that secures the components of a particular machine.

In terms of handling, we always match operators to their tasks based on individual expertise. All of our operators are well experienced, so you can rest assured that your cargo will only come into contact with personnel that are trained and prepared to meet the requirements of your shipment.

Of course, with the need for space and installation, timing the final delivery of robotics equipment or industrial machinery is critical. Mismatched schedules inevitably lead to lost efficiency, so our transportation solutions are developed to satisfy your schedule as well as the schedule of the installer. Our operators will work with the installer to properly remove the items from the cargo area and may even assist in light installation.

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