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Tradeshow and event schedules are rigorous. They demand careful attention, not only to material delivery, but to on-site logistics and protocol as well. STI understands the amount of work that goes into making a show successful, so we provide full service to make the whole experience less of a headache. This includes cost-effective transport planning, our top-quality delivery services, assistance with move in and move out, and an on-site representative at major shows available 24/7.

STI understands the business. We have been servicing tradeshows since 1967 and continue to make over 45,000 tradeshow shipments every year. Our dedicated exhibit fleet averages 17 years of experience and their record for delivery is 99% on-time and a claim rate of 0%*. We keep exceptional rapport with exhibit hall service contractors and are ready to provide guidance and consulting on tradeshow intricacies.

Getting the materials to the event on-time and in show-ready condition is a task in and of itself. We will do whatever it takes to make certain your exhibit arrives on-time and damage-free. Whether that involves multiple deliveries, last minute expedited shipments, or even international shipments, we are prepared. The show itself is its own challenge. That is why we provide a member of our dedicated tradeshow team to serve your needs 24/7 and make sure the transportation logistics runs smoothly.

Next time you have a special event or an upcoming tradeshow, contact STI and let us make the experience less difficult. We understand the complications and have the capability, capacity, and experience to navigate them.

*2011 – 0.032%

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