Product Suite PyramidAt STI, we understand that “delivery” means more than just “arrival”. Delivery is a process that begins as soon as a shipment leaves its point of origin and continues until it meets its final destination. There are many aspects of delivery that must be taken into account to ensure safe and timely transport, especially when valuable cargo is involved. We know how complex the whole process can be.

STI also understands that our clients are busy running businesses and meeting the demands of their own customers. They do not always have the time it takes to plan and oversee delivery on their own. That is why we provide a wide range of services that address every step in the process. You can focus on what happens after arrival, and we will manage the rest.

When you need expert attention to detail throughout every aspect of your delivery, STI can help. Our service offerings cover everything from packaging to loading to arrival and even installation. Each of these services can be utilized individually or as a Total Solution. It all depends on your need. Whether your consignment includes furniture, appliances, museum pieces, or motorcycles, STI has experience in ensuring that every item reaches its destination in perfect condition. Even in the case of Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) transportation or situations where we are not the sole carrier, we provide quality solutions for your high value products.

STI operators are more than just drivers. They are trained experts in loading and installation as well. We know how to secure and preserve all types of shipments and utilize green packing solutions. Also, STI is an asset-based company, so our fleet includes vehicles that can accommodate special packing scenarios, climate control and are fully equipped with all necessary logistics to handle the most delicate commodities.

Take a look through our services to find out more about STI’s capabilities. If you are searching for service in a specific industry, please use the menu above to locate that industry and find out how STI develops value added solutions tailored to the unique needs of many vertical markets.