Process Consulting

STI not only provides transportation services and technology, but also offers consulting services to companies that are seeking an improved and more efficient supply chain solution. We are always on the lookout for lost efficiency and service failure that can be solved through analysis and correction.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology for business process analysis that has not only helped numerous clients, but also improved our internal processes. STI’s own initiatives have enabled us to reduce costs, claims, and time-to-delivery. Now, our team of Six Sigma experts continues to share this success with our clients. We can target your business from one of two angles, depending on your need.

New Solution DevelopmentSix Sigma

For clients who are looking to create a new supply chain or develop a new total solution, STI can help you develop a customized plan that addresses every step of your process. We understand that your business strategy is of utmost importance, so we ensure that the solution is in alignment.  Along the way, we add supply chain analysis, network modeling, and technology integration features that guarantee maximum efficiency.

Existing Process Improvement

For clients that are looking to improve existing supply chains and bring added value to their businesses, STI utilizes Six Sigma to evaluate and recommend specific solutions. Through in-depth analysis of issues, we are able to target the causes of lost efficiency and provide technology and transportation methods that cut cost and increase speed.

Supply Chain Modeling

The key to developing a solution is accurate modeling, and STI excels in this area. We not only create complex models of existing processes, but also use sophisticated software to map out new strategies. This allows us to discover the factors that truly contribute to lost resources and target those directly. It also enables us to compare strategies and recommend transportation solutions and technology that will bring you the most efficiency.


Technology plays a big part in STI’s optimization efforts. On STI’s inventory website, we offer full visibility to our inventory management system, and that visibility reaches to every individual box or piece of your inventory. This access extends throughout the entire shipment process whether it is in transit or storage. Information you want or require regarding your shipment is readily available to you at any time. This is made possible by our integrated and on-board technology. We use a GPS system to receive real-time updates and enable communication to our fleet. Finally, we provide document imaging and electronic invoicing for digitally recording activities.

STI’s process consulting encompasses real experience with Six Sigma methodology, tested modeling techniques, and real solutions through our advanced network and technology solutions. Contact us to find out how your business can break-through into greater efficiency.