Climatic Service

Climate control is a service that STI provides whenever a shipment demands the utmost care and attention to surroundings. Medical equipment, computer mainframes, and fine art are just a few examples where extreme temperature or humidity can be major threats to the quality of a shipment. Even in these rare cases, STI is prepared with both the tools and the experience to make the delivery an on-time and damage-free success.

Our goal is to eliminate your worries about unstable conditions. Like many of our other services, STI’s Climatic service includes inside pick-up and delivery. That means that from point of origin to final destination, we are focused on the status of your shipment. Our fleet of operators is trained for loading, transportation, and delivery. They average over thirteen years in experience with Climatic delivery and work in teams to ensure safe travel.

The trailers that STI deploys for Climatic use are temperature controlled and exclusively outfitted for the job. Also, our materials and procedures for pad wrapping are top notch. We know how to handle every kind of shipment, from delicate to priceless. Add our record for 99% on-time delivery and a 0%* claims frequency, and you can understand why our clients trust us with Climatic delivery. Contact us to find out how we can help you transport a climate-sensitive shipment.

*2012 - 0.022%