Residential Delivery

STI understands the need to provide a customer experience that lasts beyond the initial sale and continues through the delivery process. Our home delivery (HomeExpress) service addresses that need by providing options for residential delivery that extend the reach of our partners’ businesses. The goal is to maintain the relationships that have already been cultivated with In-Home Delivery Servicescustomers, support brand integrity, and ensure they have a delivery experience that leaves them more than satisfied.

What matters most is the experience of your customer, the end user of your product. This is where STI’s residential delivery service really stands out. Our lift gate vehicles make it possible to navigate residential neighborhoods. Each vehicle is operated by a two-person crew that matches a limited delivery window and can either provide driveway, threshold, or in-room delivery, depending on the cargo. We even handle stairs, minor assembly, and packing material removal. Our in-room teams are trained to remove an old product, such as a large appliance, install the new product, power it on, and test it to ensure that it works.

Whatever you need to transport, we can handle it. STI’s experience with home delivery ranges from freezers to furniture, televisions to mattresses, safes to arcade games and beyond. Our delivery network is available to serve every zip code in the contiguous 48 states and all major Canadian markets as well. We do in-home delivery right, and with a claim ratio of 0.5%, we prove it every day.

We know how important your customers are, and your goal of serving them is our goal too. Contact us to start giving your customers STI’s home delivery treatment.