Specialized LTL, Direct Service, 
and Blanket Wrap Dock-to-Dock

STI provides two specialized shipping options that can be implemented to ensure proper handling and delivery of your cargo. Both options carry STI’s mark of attention to specific needs and utilize our extensive resources and expertise. And, STI's blanket wrap services, are ideal for moving large items that would otherwise be very hard to crate, but require a higher level of protection.

LTL Network

Not every shipment you make will require an entire trailer, but individual security and proper handling are still high priorities. Whether you ship furniture, appliances, or any other sensitive cargo that travels with company, you need to know that your items will be delivered on schedule and damage free. That is why STI maintains an LTL Network that handles transportation for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments of 5000 lbs. or less. Consisting of over 45 strategically located distribution centers, the Network allows us to manage 400 departures and service more than half of the US and Canadian population every day.

Every one of our LTL Network distribution centers has full warehousing and cross-dock loading capabilities. We also use on site and satellite technology to provide real-time inventory locating and shipment tracking. The important thing is that every delivery happens smoothly and without incident, even when traveling with other shipments. Our team of experienced operators is ready to make that happen by utilizing training on specific products and pad wrap packing techniques to ensure safe delivery.

STI keeps deliveries on time while maintaining the quality standard of our other services. More than 95% of our LTL Network deliveries are made on-time, with a claims frequency of less than 1%. Contact us to find out more about our LTL Network and how it can serve your business.

Direct Service

STI provides Direct Transportation solutions for specialized, high value and large shipments.  We are the leading provider of high-touch, high-value transportation. Whether your special shipment is a single item or a full truck-load (TL), we have equipment and operators that will make your delivery an on-time success. When you move items that demand special care, timely arrival, and focused attention, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Direct Transport service includes direct pick up for shipments over 6,000 lbs. Our drivers are experienced and will load, unload, and unpack your items personally. Not only that, but we go beyond the loading dock to deliver in the precise location you require. As an asset-based company, we make this possible by utilizing our extensive in-house resources. By using trailer decking and a variety of securing tools, we can handle even the most specialized loads. Not only that, but our satellite equipped vehicles and 24/7 Internet service give you total visibility throughout the moving process.

When your shipment is worth the extra space or just needs individual attention, STI is ready to provide. With over 40 years of practice, we know how to handle with care while delivering on time. If you have a TL shipment or one requiring direct transit, let STI move it from start to finish with the attention it deserves. Contact us to find out how.

Blanket Wrap Dock-To-Dock Services

STI provides specialized transit solutions when a shipment requires a dock to dock delivery.  The blanket wrap services provide the specialized equipment required for high value, large shipments such as air-ride van equipment, decking ability, and a variety of securing tools.  This option of service provides driver-assisted loading and unloading of goods.  This is a perfect solution for such commodities as store fixtures and robotics.  At STI, our mission is individualized attention to your shipment - contact us today about your specific need.