Transportation Management

Not all shipping jobs require a simple pick up, transit, and delivery. Sometimes multiple carriers need to be involved, Transportation Management Solutionsprofessionals need to be hired, and multiple people or organizations must be coordinated to make your shipment a success. The logistics of managing a more complicated set of transportation requirements can be difficult to plan in perfect detail. STI strives to be the one-stop shop for all of your shipping. Our transportation management capabilities extend high quality services across markets, borders, and even oceans. Whether you are looking for a go-to provider for your unusual or difficult shipping needs, or have a one-time, out of the ordinary freight, STI offers our expertise in transportation management to make the process easy.

Arranging for intermodal transportation means we can get highly sensitive cargo from land to sea to sky in whatever fashion is most sensible. Also, we believe that providing transportation solutions does not mean that shipping has to be handled over a longer period of time. We balance efficiency in terms of both quality and time. We work with your time frame and make it work. You say, “I need it here.” We say, “How fast?”

When it comes to maximizing your efficiency, STI is the best option with the greatest value, not to mention the simplest for our customers. We eliminate the time and effort that you would have to spend securing and coordinating all the pieces of your shipment. Our highly trained and experienced staff handles all of the details, from pickup to delivery to storage and everything that may come between with seamless transitions. In addition, we acquire lower rates with trusted partners that we have worked with for years to procure the best solutions for your needs.

Of course, even though STI manages the shipment, we still provide total transparency throughout its time with us. When shipping sensitive or valuable items, we understand that entrusting them to even the best shipping company can be stressful.

STI’s Transportation Management takes away the burden of juggling various vendors without removing you from the process. Contact us to discuss your shipping requirements, and we will design a transportation management solution around your needs.