Green Packaging

Blanket Wrap ServicesSTI’s methods of transport are pushing the limits of how transportation can be made in a low-carbon, eco-friendly manner. By providing these solutions to our clients, we help them take steps away from the old methods that demanded excessive and wasteful use of disposable packing materials with high package engineering and material costs.

STI’s utilizes packing materials that are re-usable, from blanket-wrap to in-truck methods of strapping and securing. Foam, cardboard, plastic, or other disposable materials to cushion, stabilize, or secure inventory are no longer necessary. It’s not only the eco-friendly protection we use, it’s the care our experienced drivers give to each item that is handled. Our experienced fleet is trained on proper handling techniques to enable minimal product packaging and a damage free experience.

In other words, the heart of our green initiative is the custom approach we take to each job that can decrease the carbon footprint.