Inventory Management

Loan ManagementInventory Solutions

STI provides management services for clients that need to ensure proper delivery, retrieval, and restoration of inventory that is loaned for temporary placement or demonstration. Each program is customized to meet your specific inventory, be it advanced medical equipment or office furniture. Our personnel are not only trained to transport your inventory with the care it requires; they are also able to clean, repair, and confirm that it is properly inventoried. This enables you to reduce loss of inventory and rest assured that your products are prepared for loan again as soon as the need may arise. In addition, our programs can be regionally focused to cut down on transport costs and turnaround time.

Order Fulfillment

STI’s order fulfillment program utilizes several inventory management principles to ensure that our clients maintain prompt and efficient delivery to their customers. This is a growing need for many clients, especially those doing business online. When an order is placed from your customer, we know exactly what needs to be done to fulfill it and we manage all of the product picking, consolidation, transport, and delivery aspects to ensure the professional experience that your customer expects.

Assembly and Testing

STI provides assembly and testing services for clients that need assurance that their inventory is ready-to-use upon delivery. Our personnel are specifically trained to handle your products. When an order is received, we unpack the appropriate inventory, assemble it, and test it prior to delivery. STI ensures that your customer receives the quality product that you promise.

Product Postponement

Product postponement is a strategy that allows companies to mass produce a base product while delaying its configuration. STI utilizes inventory management to keep all of the base products and potential configurations in order. Then, when an order needs fulfilled for a particular configuration, our trained personnel final assemble the items to meet that order’s specific requirements.

In-Transit Merge

STI’s In-Transit merge service allows clients to manufacture or procure parts and materials from multiple locations while still delivering one complete order to their customers. We do this by having all of the various parts of a product shipped to one destination point where they can be merged and then delivered. Rather than shipping the merged product over a great distance, we select destinations that are local to the final delivery. This provides our clients with manufacturing and procurement flexibility and cuts down on transport cost of the final order.

Forward Deployment

STI provides forward deployment services for clients that anticipate future need for delivery or assembly. In the case of finished products, we save clients time and money by storing inventory close to final delivery points. Likewise, we offer parts storage in preparation for product assembly or similar scenarios.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

When it comes to managing parts from multiple vendors and ensuring that ownership is tracked, maintained, and transferred to the final buyer, STI offers strong representation for all parties. We offer agreements with assemblers and manufacturers, providing centralized storage for related parts while maintaining separation of ownership until order fulfillment.

STI’s inventory management services appeal to many clients because of our serialized approach. Whether your inventory consists of raw materials or finished products, we manage receipt, warehousing, tracking, picking, and delivery through the intelligent use of technology. We track by model and serial number, using unique identifiers for every item we touch. This means that we know where your inventory is at all times, down to its precise location in our warehouses or on the road.

It takes quite a bit of resources to manage inventory correctly. STI is the perfect partner for your business because we have flexible warehousing space, intelligent tracking technology, and networked transport already in place. Take a look at the following programs for inventory management or contact us to discuss your unique situation.