From time to time, a client may need a temporary space to store products or materials in anticipation of an upcoming event or project. They may even have an immediate need that precedes a longer-term storage solution. In these cases, locating the right space can be time-consuming. Leasing may not be flexible to the amount of time needed for storage. Maintaining an entire building is not cost-effective unless the entire space is used.

STI offers a solution for clients in these situations. We are an asset-based company, meaning that we own and have access to all of the resources that are used in the wide variety of solutions we provide. Warehouses are part of many of these solutions, and we are able to assist when you need space.

Our resources are ready for any number of items, from small parts to vehicles to museum pieces or heavy machinery. If your items require special handling or processing, STI can accommodate them. In retail and business situations, it is especially important to maximize efficiency of time and space. When you have corresponding or complementary shipments that may be arriving from different locations, STI can coordinate to have your shipments consolidated at a warehouse before the end delivery. In addition, our warehouse management system is integrated with our application technology. This enables full visibility that is extended to our customers while their shipments are on the road or in the warehouse.

Whether you require warehousing as a temporary stage of a much larger project or as a standalone service, we have resources available in varying sizes and for flexible amounts of time. Contact us and let us know how you want to utilize the space.