Claim Form

In the event of an unfortunate loss or damage, the following process has been outlined to assist you in filing a claim.  Please complete the claim form found in the red navigation bar.  Save a copy for your records and submit the original to the address, email or fax number listed on the form. 

Your completed claim form will receive prompt attention upon receipt by STI.

Product Claim Procedure


  1. Select a product claim form if your product was damaged

  2. Complete the STI Contract Number or Home Express Order Number of the shipment – usually referenced in the top right-hand corner of the delivery receipt or paperwork

  3. Complete the claimant (your) contact information, along with the shipper and destination customer contact information

  4. Identify / describe each item damaged, list weight(s), invoice cost(s) and dollar amount(s)

  5. Submit supporting claim documentation as noted on the form

  6. Ensure any repair estimate documents include the materials needed, labor time with the hourly rate and name/phone number of party who provided the repair estimate

  7. Keep any damaged items and their packaging in case an inspection is needed

  8. Email any digital pictures to

  9. Keep a copy of your claim and all supporting documentation

  10. Ensure all claims are received by STI within nine months of the delivery date

Note: A delay claim can be submitted using the product claim form.  Please indicate the delay on the form, attach documents to support any out of pocket expenses caused by the delay and include a letter to explain any other circumstances.



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