One of the distinguishing characteristics of STI’s approach to the supply chain is a dedication to using cutting-edge technology to improve its processes. We are an asset-based company, meaning that we own the resources we use. We are also known for the custom solutions that we develop and crafting unique procedures for even the most demanding or unusual supply chain needs. We carry these values to the technology we use as well.

The application technology that tie our family of technologies together is not an off-the-shelf package. STI keeps an exclusive staff of IT professionals onsite and has constructed a proprietary system that is specifically designed to maximize service to our customers. It leverages serialized bar-coding technology, GPS communications, online portal access and mobile applications to provide tracking and management capabilities that no other can match.

Not only do we utilize our technology to ensure the efficiency of our own operations, but we extend the power of our technology to our customers, giving them visibility that in turn improves their business. Working with STI gives you access to technologies that are tailored to fit our industry and yours.

End to End Visibility:

  • Tracking
  • SmartPhone Access
  • Status Updates
  • Electronic POD
  • Inventory visibility

Mangement Tools:

  • In-transit GPS reporting
  • On-time performance reporting
  • Bar-code scanning
  • Inventory visibility
  • Document imaging

Productivity Tools:

  • Transportation management
  • Shipment processing
  • Document creation
  • Transportation optimization
  • My STI

Financial Support:

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Electronic payment
  • Billing summaries

At STI, our approach to technology ensures that our services are electronically as well as physically delivered. STI is continually seeking to improve, upgrade and extend our technology capabilities. By leveraging technology and our core set of skilled people, STI can support your transportation and solution needs. To find out more about a particular technology, use the navigation on this page. To contact STI directly for more information, use the Contact page.

  • Supply Chain Execution

    Supply Chain Execution

    STI’s supply chain execution leads the industry by incorporating advanced technologies. Our proprietary applications, developed by an internal team of IT professionals, integrates every link in the chain.

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  • On-Board Technology

    On-Board Technology

    On-Board Technology

    At STI, our processes and operations rely on real-time information to execute the specialized solutions that bring value to our customers. On-board technology makes this possible, even on the road.

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  • Serialized Bar-Coding

    Bar Coding

    Whether items are in storage, being picked up at an office, in transit across the Midwest, or being merged at a warehouse, we keep detailed tracking information on everything we touch. The cornerstone of this ability is serialized bar-coding.

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  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    STI’s technology fully supports our solutions for inventory management. Through the deployment of our proprietary application technology, we utilize serialized bar-code scanning, GPS communications, and online access to bring ultimate visibility to inventory tracking.

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  • Electronic Transactions

    Electronic Transactions

    STI’s integrated approach to technology is always focused on efficiency and visibility to the supply chain process. Electronic transactions are another piece in this puzzle.

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  • Shipment Tracking

    Shipment Tracking

    All of the pieces of technology that make up STI’s sophisticated tracking system are more than tools for our own benefit. They enable us to execute tough and sometimes complicated solutions, but they do more than that. They keep you informed, every step of the way.

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