STI’s technology is built on total awareness. Whether items are in storage, being picked up at an office, in transit across the Midwest, or being merged at a warehouse, we keep detailed tracking information on everything we touch. The cornerstone of this ability is serialized bar-coding. STI’s sophisticated technology enables us to keep both our customers and our application technology up to date on the exact status and location of the items in our care.

First, the application generates a unique fingerprint, which is placed on every single item down to the individual pieces. With every piece individually fingerprinted, we can track a shipment down to the smallest article and its precise location on our trucks or shelf of our warehouses. Then, as items move through a supply chain or any other delivery process, they are scanned, keeping the data in our technology updated  real-time. This information not only assists us in the execution of our specialized solutions, but is also used to provide accurate visibility to our customers.

Serialized bar-coding plays a big part in our low claim rates. Contact STI to create a solution that takes advantage of our technology and delivers you value.