On-board Technology

At STI, our processes and operations rely on real-time information to execute the specialized solutions that bring value to our customers. On-board technology makes this possible, even on the road. We are an asset-based company, meaning On-Board Technologythat we own our resources and ensure that our entire fleet is prepared to deliver our solutions. Each of our trucks are equipped with GPS technology that allows two-way communication and immediate updated information in STI’s systems.

Taking our system to the road enables our operation teams to access any and all information relating to a job site and request more if necessary. Not only that, but they also provide information updates to the technology. By scanning the serialized barcode on each item, the team keeps an updated status of all items as well as scanning all the documents involved in the process.

The benefit to our customers goes beyond our ability to execute even the most complicated delivery processes with full status awareness. In addition, we provide online access to information about your shipment, so that the on-board intelligence we receive is in your hands as well.

To find out more about our on-board technology and how it can serve you, contact STI and begin planning your next solution.